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PSX BiOS Files

Pretty much all PSX bios files, even the old Japanese bios from the first line of psx's (the one with the eazy disc-swapping).

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Format: Bios Rom File (BIN)
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[PS1] Parasite Eve 1 - NTSC-U


One of them is a police officer. The other is possessed by an ancient evil threatening all life on Earth. The horrifying bond between them will continue until something dies. A chilling adventure that could only come from the creators of Final Fantasy VII. An epic sci-fi tale told through stunning 3D rendered sequences. Battle mutant monsters in real-time polygon combat. Customize weapons, armor, and character abilities.

- Extract
- Burn (max 4x speed) or mount, or play with emulator
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Language: English (NTSC-US VERSION)
Format: BIN / 2 CDs (CD3: Not Included, because its only a Xenogears demo disc)
Game IDs: CD1: SLUS-00662 | CD2: SLUS-00668
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Size: 1.06 GB
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[PS1] Hard Edge aka T.R.A.G. - PAL - Multi3 [ENG/GER/FRE]


It is 2046. An armed terrorist group has attacked and occupied the Togusa Building, owned by the major military supplier, Machinery Gear, Inc. A special commando unit has been sent to retrieve the situation, but has been caught in a trap and has sustained heavy casualties. Only two commandos have survived: Alex and Michelle. To get into the building they must defeat the super security system that is now controlled by the terrorists. Can they rescue the hostages and recover the Togusa Building? Their mission is in your hands.

Statt Aufzugeben stellten sie sich dem Kampf. Man schreibt das Jahr 2046. Eine bewaffnete Terroristengruppe hat das Togusa-Gebäude des führenden Waffenproduzenten Machinery Gear Inc. angegriffen und eingenommen. Daraufhin wurde ein Sonderkommando beauftragt, den Normalzustand wiederherzustellen. Es geriet dabei jedoch in eine Falle, und zahlreiche Mitglieder des Teams wurden getötet. Nur zwei Angehörige des Kommandos, Alex und Michelle, haben überlebt. Um ins Gebäude zu gelangen, müssen sie das HiTech-Sicherheitssystem überlisten, das von den Terroristen überwacht wird. Werden die beiden es schaffen, die Geiseln und das Togusa-Gebäude aus der Gewalt der Terroristen zu befreien? Ihr Auftrag liegt in Ihrer Hand.

- Extract
- Burn (max 4x speed) or mount, or play with emulator
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Language: English, German, French
Format: BIN / PAL
Game ID: SLES-01539
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 1CD / 700 MB
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[PS1] Suikoden NTSC-U


Treachery is eating like a maggot at the heart of the Scarlet Moon Empire. But is the Empire corrupt or the people just disloyal? Only you can find out. Take the role of an Imperial Guard in this epic tale of betrayal, greed and honour as he struggles to find the truth. Head teams of fighters and magicians in battles against weird monsters then lead an army into battle against awesome opponents.

tested on ePSXe 1.6.0 and pSX 1.13


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[PS1] Dino Crisis 1 And 2 (PSX PS1) (Similar To Resident Evil) (ePSXe)



Dino Crisis is best described as a Panic Horror game, with the focus of the game not on action, but high suspense, and often puzzle based gameplay. There is of course, times when resorting to using weapons in your only hope of survival but weapons and ammunition are often hard to come by, but this can be aided by creating your own forms of darts. The game's storyline is carried out exclusively at night, aiding the eerie and often disturbing feeling of the game. The music also contributes to the sense of isolation in the facility, and there is often no warning as to when a dinosaur may ambush the player.
Dino Crisis' weapons include a Handgun, Shotgun and a grenade launcher, with varying forms of ammo found in the facility, including tranquillizer darts that can be modified using various substances into deadly poison darts. Generally, the larger the enemy, the more firepower is required to kill them, with therizinosaurs and pterandons being the hardest animals to kill.
The game integrates a range of puzzle solving into the storyline, with various disks and password keys needed to open doors. Other puzzles involve logistics, such as moving pipes and crates in the right sequence to allow gameplay to proceed. During puzzle solving, there are generally no dinosaurs to harass Regina. Also, whenever a DANGER sequence occurs, the player has to hit all control buttons (excluding the Start, Select, and Analog buttons as well as sticks).

* Regina (Stephanie Morgenstern) - The player's character; an intelligence and weapons expert, specializing in weapons maintenance.
* Rick (Alex Karzis) - The third member of the team and an expert computer hacker. He believes the lives of the team are more important than the success of the mission. He carries a sniper rifle.
* Gail (Richard Yearwood) - A veteran spy, and the leader of the team. He is well known for his cold demeanor. He believes that the success of the mission is more important than the lives of his team, as well as his own. He carries an assault rifle.
* Dr. Edward Kirk (Adrian Truss) - The genius behind the Third Energy Theory. He was approached by the Borginian Republic who were interested in the properties of Third Energy as a weapon, and promised him all the funding, facilities, researchers and equipment he needed. To that end, he staged his death and moved to Ibis Island, to where a Third Energy research facility had been set up for him. During the course of the game he eludes the dinosaurs as well as the player, and even kills some of his researchers to cover his tracks. He shows no remorse for the consequences of his actions, and only cares about his work.
* Tom (Bino Tautorrez) - An agent of SORT, who has infiltrated the Ibis Island facility to investigate the reports of a new type of weapon being researched. He is wounded by a Pteranodon, and later killed by a Velociraptor to save Rick.
* Cooper - The fourth member of the extraction team. He is blown off course at the start of the mission and eaten by a Tyrannosaurus. The rest of the team never learns this, and he is declared MIA.
* Pilot (Robert Tinkler) - He brings the four agents to the island in the helicopter. He is later contacted by Regina after the team finds Dr. Kirk. She orders him to scrap the original plan and pick them up immediately. However, as he is about to land to pick up Regina, Rick, and Dr. Kirk (Gail is absent when he shows up), the T-Rex attacks and destroys the helicopter, presumably killing the pilot. Because he was in the air when the team parachuted down, it is possible he saw the T-Rex kill Cooper.
* Mike A guard found dead in a control room close to the end of the game. It is presumed that he was killed by a Velociraptor or Therizinosaurus, since he had a communicator on him. After his corpse is found, he is identified by name as a surviving guard (who is later killed by the T-Rex before it gains entrance to the base along with two other guards) calls him on the communicator telling him to meet up at the watercraft they were planning to use for escape. Because of this, it is presumed he survived for a while after the dinosaurs broke in.
* Paul Baker Another researcher for Dr. Kirk. His corpse (minus his right arm) is found by Regina when she scours the base. He is identified by name on a memo on another corpse. Paul was presumably killed by a Velociraptor which then ate his arm before the team showed up, since his corpse signifies that.
* Mark Doyle A researcher for Dr. Kirk. He is badly wounded by a Velociraptor during the overrun of the base. Regina finds him in a room leaning against a desk. She asks him where Dr. Kirk is, and he claims Kirk is a fool. He gives Regina his I. D. card, then succumbs to his injuries and dies. The T-rex then smashes through the window, drags his corpse out and eats it, before fighting Regina for the first time in the game.
* Dr. Sherwood An old researcher. She is found dead in the rest station when Regina finds her. Only part of her is seen then, but other times her whole body is seen. Presumably killed by a Therizinosaurus, since there was one in the rest station

* Velociraptor - The first encountered and most recurrent adversary in the game. Referred to as 'raptors,' their physical appearance is more like that of the Deinonychus. They hunt in packs, chase the player through rooms and are sometimes seen sleeping or on other occasions playing dead. The tougher blue-backed raptors are seen in the later stages of the game.
* Tyrannosaurus - The main antagonist of the game, it is never killed directly by the player though it is fought on several occasions. It is believed that it is the same Tyrannosaurus each time and therefore may possibly be the only one on the island.
* Compsognathus - A small group-hunting scavenger encountered around the facility, they are easily killed individually, but become challenging (even frustrating) when in larger groups.
* Pteranodon - Flying reptiles that will take turns swooping down at the player, either knocking them down or picking them up to be thrown to their deaths.
* Therizinosaurus - Tough and odd-looking dinosaurs seen towards the end of the game. Ironically now known to have been herbivores, in the game they are ferocious predators that take quite a lot of damage to beat. Normally found in pairs.

The game takes place on a fictional location known as Ibis Island in the year 2009. The Secret Operation Raid Team (SORT) has sent an agent, Tom, to investigate a research facility. During the recon mission, he learns that Doctor Edward Kirk, a world-renowned scientist who was reported dead three years ago, is leading a secret weapons project within the facility. SORT sends four agents (Regina, Gail, Rick, and Cooper) to acquire Kirk and return him to custody.
They arrive onto the island via parachute. Cooper is blown off course and lands in a jungle. A Tyrannosaurus rex appears and chases him a short distance before eating him. The other three agents, unaware of his death, proceed with the mission.
Once inside the base, they discover the mutilated and partially devoured corpses of security personnel and scientists. Shortly thereafter, they discover that dinosaurs are the reason behind the bloodbath at the base. They evade and dispose of many dinosaurs. During this, they find Tom, badly injured. Rick takes him to the medical room, however a Velociraptor attacks them, and Tom sacrifices himself to kill it, saving Rick. Later, Regina and the team manage to locate Kirk and apprehend him. As they are preparing to leave via helicopter, the T-Rex returns and destroys the helicopter, forcing them to flee back into the base. Kirk escapes them during this time. After the T-Rex manages to enter the base after killing three survivors in the elevator, Regina and Rick locate keys to a watercraft, but find a vortex in the way of getting to it. Regina enters a passageway and is held up by Kirk,. He is about to kill her when the gun is shot out of his hand by Gail, and they arrest him again.
Kirk reveals that the dinosaurs were brought to their time by an experiment he was running using his Third Energy technology. A rift in space was created and a pocket of the island from their time was exchanged with the same from the past, bringing dinosaurs back into their time. Kirk then tells them that if the reactors are set to overload, the energy coming from them and the vortex should cancel each other out if they come into contact. After Regina gets the stabilizer and initializer and uses them to overload the reactors, the energy shakes the base, causing a vent to fall on Gail allowing Kirk to escape again. Regina, Gail and Rick get to the control room branching off to the waterway to escape, but Gail says they still need to get Kirk. He starts to hobble away on his gun to go after Kirk, and orders Regina and Rick to leave without him if he does not return in twenty minutes. Rick informs Gail & Regina that they need an initializer and stabilizer in order to start the third energy generator. At this point, Regina is given the choice to either locate the completed initializer and stabilizer or gather the required parts, and the story takes one of three endings.

There are three possible endings based on choices made by the player. Near the end of the game, the player has the option to either go after Kirk or find their way off of the island.
The first ending (chase Kirk) results in Regina and Gail capturing Kirk. As a twist, Gail reveals that the whole mission was a front and the government did not want Kirk, but instead wanted the Third Energy to use in warfare. Gail gives Regina a disk containing all the data on the Third Energy. Shortly afterward, Gail dies from injuries suffered when the vent fell on him. Regina, Rick, and Kirk, during their departure in a watercraft, battle with the T-Rex. Regina kills it using a remote explosive, and they escape.
The second ending (escape the island) results in Regina, Gail, and Rick escaping without Kirk. During the final battle, Rick fires a rocket from a watercraft. The rocket hits a fuel tank, causing a massive overload in the Third Energy generator and completely disintegrating a portion of Ibis Island in the process killing the T-Rex and all of the other dinosaurs. The three agents escape safely, but the status of Kirk is unknown.
The third ending is the "good" ending; it can be achieved by choosing to leave Kirk, but actually going after him. It can also be achieved by going after Kirk, but first finding the helicopter. Regina and Gail locate Kirk in a hangar, preparing a helicopter to escape in (which becomes their only way of escape because the T-Rex destroyed the hovercraft while she chased Kirk). Regina knocks Kirk out, and informs Rick of the situation. The T-Rex chases Rick to Regina's location. Then Regina, Gail and Rick board the helicopter and flee. During their escape, Rick drops a bomb from the helicopter onto the dinosaur, killing it. All three agents get out alive with Kirk.
The game keeps track of how many endings the player has unlocked at the end of the game. In the American playstation version of the game the player can unlock "Operation: Wipeout", a minigame where the player must eliminate a set amount of dinosaurs in a certain time with limited ammunition, by completing the game once in under five hours. However in the PC and dreamcast versions, this minigame does not have to be unlocked and can be played without completing the normal game.


Dino Crisis 2 is a third-person shooter meaning that the player controls characters in a third person view, yet the perspective changes with movement into new areas and fields of view as the game uses predetermined camera angles. The game also departs more from the survival horror of the first Dino Crisis and is more action-oriented, with more open areas, more items and less emphasis on puzzles.
As players kill dinosaurs in succession, countering attacks and avoiding damage in areas, they can earn "Extinction Points" that act as a form of in-game currency that tally up as player moves between locations. Throughout the game the player can locate and use computer stations that act as save point where players can save and load games, along with spending Extinction Points on new weapons, upgrades, health packs and ammunition. There are also bandages that are used to prevent bleeding that occur when a player takes damage from certain attacks that results in slow draining of the health bar.
There are two forms of weapons in the game, main and sub-weapons, meaning the player can only equip one of each at a time. Main weapons provide the most damage and are used for the majority of attacks, for example shotguns, flamethrowers and rifles whereas sub-weapons are used to get past obstacles, like the machete for cutting plant vines and the firewall gun that creates a temporary wall of fire against foes. Over the course of the game, players will switch roles between Regina and Dylan, who have different weapons, making some passages blocked for one but accessible for the other.
Among the third person shooter gameplay are sections of on rails shooting, such as a chase where the player shoots at dinosaurs that are chasing an automatically driven vehicle and, like the previous game, several puzzles. Throughout the game, the player finds data files and documents that progress the story and give details of certain areas. Hidden "Dino Files" can also be found; these go into detail about each dinosaur in the game. Upon collecting all the available Dino Files, the player is granted unlimited ammunition for weapons on the next play through.

Upon completion of the main game, there is an unlockable mode known as Extra Crisis with two gameplay modes: "Dino Colosseum" and "Dino Duel". Colosseum is a survival mode where a chosen character with their own pre-set weapons fight off series of attacks by certain dinosaurs, the larger and more deadly being the latter. Upon completion the player is graded and awarded a trophy on how well they performed. Dino Duel is a mode that allows the player to take control of a dinosaur and battle another in the style of a fighting game. Completion of the game on harder difficulties allows more characters and dinosaurs to become available for purchase, using the final Extinction Points gathered from that play through. Dinosaurs can also be used in Dino Colosseum, however, must be unlocked by completing the game in normal or hard mode.

The two main protagonists of the game are 1st Lieutenant Dylan Morton and Regina, with Dylan being new to the series and Regina reprising her role after the events of the first Dino Crisis. Dylan is a Tactical Reconnaissance and Acquisition Team (TRAT) commando who’s been sent back in time with the rest of the team in what was originally supposed to be a search and rescue mission.
TRAT is an off record covert team of shady characters who were recruited from the army special forces. They focus on subversive activities like Terrorism, Jailbreaks, Assassination and Insurgency.
Another prominent character is another TRAT member, David Fork. At the start he is separated from Regina and Dylan after enraging a Tyrannosaurus he shot with a rocket launcher but later saves them at Edward City from Velociraptors in an attack helicopter. Another recurring character is Paula, a teenage girl who is a part of the mysterious syndicate who are hostile to the main characters.
The last crucial character of the game is Colonel Dylan Morton. The future Dylan has a very important role in the game, tying the whole story together and revealing the plot. Colonel Dylan tells Lieutenant Dylan to use the time gate to take the surviving children back and prevent them from making the mistake of trying to coexist with dinosaurs.

Throughout the game, the protagonists encounter various dinosaurs that inhabit the whole jungle region, along with its waters and skies. Those that appear frequently include Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Oviraptor, Pteranodon, and Inostrancevia. Mosasaurus and Plesiosaurus also appear as a common enemy yet only during the Third Energy Facility level, most of which is underwater. Others like Compsognathus however act towards the game's puzzle aspect such as a segment where it steals the player's key card and Triceratops that appear in one of the on-rails shooting sections of the game.
Among the recurring human characters, a number of dinosaurs also appear multiple times in the story. The first is the Tyrannosaurus Rex who attacks the main camp at the start of the game before having an eye shot out with a rocket launcher by David. It follows the team, appearing both on the first jungle island in a few instances and again in Edward City, which sits across a very large lake. Another recurring dinosaur is the Giganotosaurus, which is shown to be abnormally large and powerful (perhaps to make it seem more impressive or possibly a mutation). It is first encountered at the missile silo where it battles and quickly disposes of the T. Rex and is seemingly killed by Regina in the missile silo. Later, it mysteriously reappears inside a secret research facility as the game’s final boss where Dylan must keep it from killing him while he activates a laser from a satellite which obliterates it.

It's 2010: one year has passed since the events of Dino Crisis. Third Energy research continues, this time at the hands of a government agency. However, an accident has occurred: Edward City, an entire town devoted to the research, has completely vanished, and been replaced by a prehistoric jungle. A search and rescue operation is set underway by TRAT to travel back in time and recover the survivors and locate the missing Third Energy research data. In this team are soldiers Dylan Morton and David Folk, and intelligence operative Regina due to her experience from the last encounter. Upon landing on the island, the team sets up camp but is attacked by Velociraptors, with most of the team killed except for Dylan, Regina and David. Unexpectedly, the Velociraptors begin to flee in fear; a Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly enters the camp site from the jungle. Upon appearing, David shoots at it with an RPG, damaging its eye. The angered Tyrannosaurus then chases Dylan and Regina to a slope, where they both tumble to the ground below, and then go their separate ways.
Regina heads back to their ship while Dylan heads off into the jungle where he is attacked by packs of Velociraptors. When Dylan reaches a military facility, the one-eyed Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks him; however, before taking shelter in one of the barracks he is shot at by unknown helmeted figures. Inside, he attempts to retrieve a key card but sets off a security alarm and is imprisoned. Back at the ship, Regina receives a distress call from Dylan and sets out to rescue him. Along the way she takes an alternate route towards the research facility. There she encounters more of the helmeted figures, but one fails to escape and is handcuffed by Regina. She removes the figure’s helmet, revealing the figure to be a blonde teenage girl who cannot speak. Regina leaves the girl there while she rescues Dylan back at the military base. She brings the girl from the research facility back to the patrol ship, but finds that it has been ransacked. Before he leaves to look for ship parts, Dylan handcuffs the unknown girl to the ship; strangely, she halts her struggles upon looking at him. Dylan recovers a ship battery at the research facility, which also houses human containment chambers and is overrun by Oviraptors. He arrives back at the ship to find the girl gone. They pilot the ship to an offshore under-sea base called the Third Energy facility where Regina turns the prime Third Energy reactor back on, evading attacks from mosasaurs and plesiosaurs that have taken residence in the underwater portions of the facility. She returns to the surface where she and Dylan get a distress call from David who claims to have found the survivors at Edward City. After being chased by a Triceratops they crash just outside the city into a field infested with Velociraptors: however, David saves them in a helicopter, but only to find that the dinosaurs have killed all the remaining survivors in the city. There Dylan encounters the Tyrannosaurus Rex once more and escapes in a tank. He is ambushed by yet another helmeted figure, but the figure is thrown off a bridge by the blonde girl before she leaves. Dylan recovers something in the aftermath of the struggle: a necklace worn by his dead sister, that the blonde girl had been wearing.
Regina locates the missile silo and retrieves the Third Energy data disc. Just outside, she is attacked by the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Suddenly a Giganotosaurus attacks the Tyrannosaur and kills it after a brief fight between the two; despite that the Giganotosaurus shown in Dino Crisis 2 is much larger than it really was. The Giganotosaurus then follows Regina into the silo, which triggers a countdown. Regina fends it off by dousing it in flammable gas and igniting it. After she shuts off the missile, the Giganotosaurus gets back up and smashes the silo foundation, starting a fire. Outside David and Dylan are waiting, having opened the bay doors for their escape; but David is killed by an Allosaurus, which also knocks Dylan into the river, taking him away upstream. He wakes up in an unknown area where the blond girl leads him into a large base complex, where she shows him a recording that reveals the truth.
After the incident in the first game, the humans decided to study the dinosaurs. Widespread Time Skewing was carried out, with disastrous results that threatened the end of the project when it became clear that dinosaurs and humans could not coexist. The military decided to transport all the dinosaurs three million years into the future, where they could thrive, before they were to be sent back to their own time when the Third Energy time gate was perfect; it was called the Noah's Ark Plan. However, the time gate overloaded and was destroyed, leaving both the team and dinosaurs trapped. Even though the survivors were killed by the dinosaurs, their children were brought to the safety of the habitat support facility, where they were kept in life support chambers, which protected them and allowed for growth and learning. The children learned how to survive around dinosaurs, and because of the nature of the Noah's Ark Plan, they were taught to protect the dinosaurs, but lost the ability to speak, becoming the helmeted figures. One of the members of the team that came to the future was Dylan himself, who made the recording, but much older and with a daughter Paula, the blonde girl. As a result of the overload, Edward City itself had been transported to the future. The future Dylan tells his past self there is a basic gate to take him, Regina and the children back to their time: however, they can only use it once.
Dylan is attacked by another helmeted figure who has set off the base's self-destruct, before their fight is interrupted by the Giganotosaurus. Dylan manages to set off a satellite laser blasting the dinosaur, incinerating it completely. Regina turns up at the last minute, but Paula's legs are crushed by falling equipment. Unable to free her and with the building ready to explode, Dylan decides not to leave her and so sends Regina back through the time gate with the research disc, asking her to build a time gate to return and save them. Regina runs through the gate, promising to return. Both Paula and Dylan are about to be crushed by falling equipment but at the last split second the building explodes, unknown whether Regina was able to save them in time.

Language: English
Format: CDROM Images
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Size: 517.14 MB
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[PS1] Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Version [NTSC-U]


First there was the disaster at the mansion lab. Umbrella Corp. developed the T-virus, a muta-genic toxin for use in biological weapons. After breaking loose, living things mutated into all sorts of decaying creatures. The case was eventually closed, but Umbrella's experiments were far from over. Now it's the worst possible nightmare: a new virus runs rampant. All of Raccoon City is infested. Blood-thirsty zombies, hideous mutations now overwhelm the community. When Leon and Claire arrive in town their nightmare is just beginning...You now control their destiny. If the suspense doesn't kill you...something else will.

Game rip of reident evil 2 the dualshock version, ntsc version. Both discs are here. Burn to 2 discs, use CD-R.

Language: English
Format: Isos / NTSC-U
Disc1: SLUS-00748
Disc2: SLUS-00756
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 855.37 MB
Password: - No Password -


[PS1] Bomberman Games (Full PSX Collection) (PS1) (Use EPSXe)


Bomberman Party Edition, known in Japan and Europe as Bomberman, is a PlayStation version of the 1983 game Bomberman. In addition to vintage graphics for single player mode, an option for enhanced graphics is added. The game was released to the PlayStation Network as a PSOne Classic on September 24, 2008 in Japan and December 10, 2009 in North America.

Battle mode is added to this release, which features 8 courses with 3 levels per course.

The single player mode is very similar to the 1983 release of Bomberman. The player controls the titular Bomberman in a wide area, full of destructible and non-destructible blocks. The blocks can be destroyed with bombs, and may contain a power up that increases Bomberman's walking speed, the size of Bomb explosions, the number of bombs able to be placed, or the ability to explode your bombs with the push of a button or to walk through walls or bombs. Some power ups are temporary, allowing Bomberman to be immune to bombs or monsters.

The point of each level is to destroy each monster, and then locate the door, which is located underneath a random block.

After every few levels, the player can play a bonus level. The player is invincible, and an endless stream of monsters is to be destroyed by the player. The point is to try and build up score until a bonus life is awarded.

Similar in design to Super Bomberman, there are a number of level themes in the single player mode.

There were once four evil Bombers called the Dark Force Bombers who tried to bring darkness to the Bomberman world. The ancient ancestors of the Bombermen imprisoned the Dark force Bombers in the Blue Crystal. Millions of years later, Bagular, appearing from another point in the time-space continuum, destroyed the Blue Crystal, thus freeing the villains. The freed bombers became Bagular's minions and conquered the four worlds. It is now up to Bomberman to save the worlds from evil.

The goal is to complete all five areas of the different Bomber worlds. To complete the areas, you must control Bomberman and set bombs to destroy enemies and obstacles that will lead to the exit. To be able to complete each level, the player must locate and pick up all of the Crystals on the map. Once this is complete, the door to the exit will open, and the player is allowed to move on to the next area. In the fourth area of each world, the player will have to defeat a Dark Force Bomber, and an extra boss that is themed after the type of world the setting is in.
Once you defeat a Dark Force Bomber, the player is given a unique battle armor to wear for the next boss battle, which has a normal attack and a special attack. The battle armor is only used for the boss battles, meaning once the player advances to the next world, the battle armor will be lost. As such, it is recommended that players take full advantage of the armor.

In multiplayer mode, the last one standing is the winner. Set bombs to destroy other bombers. There are different modes to play at, such as "Single Match" and "Maniac Mode", and the player or players are able to chooser one of ten different unique maps to battle on, each map having a different twist and theme to the gameplay. The objective is to blow up blocks or obstacles to be able to advance towards other bombers and catch them with the fire from your bomb. When obstacles are blown up, items frequently drop from them.

Single Match:
Single Match is a basic game in which five Bombers are on a map chosen before the game starts. The player can choose "Tag Match" or "Battle Royal", with Tag Match being able to choose two teams to fight, and Battle Royal for a free-for-all on all five players. There are other options that can be determined, like number of rounds to win in order to win altogether, time limit for each round, Sudden Death, Bad Bomber, and others. Sudden Death happens once a certain amount of time has passed, and the map starts to fall apart rapidly, killing any player who happens to be standing on a space that disappears. Bad Bomber is an option that allows a defeated player to hover around the edge of the map and shoot bombs onto the map in hopes of taking out other Bombers. Setting the Bad Bomber option to "Super" results in the event that a Bad Bomber kills a Bomber, that Bad Bomber will come back to life.

Maniac Mode:
Maniac Mode is another type of multiplayer game setting, in which you choose which items you want to have appear on the field, and how many. Possibilities range from having maximum fire matches with other players, or merely a max amount of bombs with no fire power, as well as gaining special powers that cannot be obtained during normal Single Match play, such as the item that allows you to walk through walls.

Special Mode:
This mode allows the player to play a special level with a pre-determined amount of time to complete (only options are two-minutes and five-minutes), as well picking a selection of items to start with. There are three selections, each containing three different items, or amounts of a certain item. The object of the Special Mode is to rack up as many points as you can, done best by defeating numerous enemies within the same blast of a bomb, and picking up letters. Defeating the Boss at the end of the level yields a large amount of bonus points. The game is over once the player dies, or defeats the boss.
When a game ends, the player is ranked on the amount of points he or she acquired before they lost or won. Higher points will result in a positive ranking (like Good Bomber) and low points will result in a negative ranking (like Worst Bomber). It is unclear whether or not the rankings have anything to do with the game (due to the face that there is no High-Score board) other than being a self-accomplishment for the player to achieve the best ranking possible.

Bomberman World is known for its wide range of different items that the player can pick up to give them the advantage (or disadvantage) in the fight. Basic multiplayer items include:

Bomb Up: A card with a Bomb symbol. It increases the players number of bombs they can sit down at a time. A player can only have a max of five bombs, so any additional bomb cards picked up afterward become useless.

Fire Up: A card with a smiling fire symbol, with a green background. It increases the player's reach of explosion by one. Each fire makes the fire reach an extra square. A player can only have a fire power of eight before each fire gotten afterward is useless.

Speed Up: A card with a roller skate symbol. It increases the players speed while walking around slightly.

Punch: A card with a red boxing glove symbol. When picked up, a player can press the Square button to punch a bomb in front of them to knock it a few spaces in front of them.

Bomb Kick: A card with a Bomberman foot kicking a bomb symbol. When picked up, the player can run into a bomb and "kick" it across the screen in a straight line. Pressing the Square button will result in the bomb stopping at the player's desired position. If the player does not stop the bomb, the bomb will continue to move until it explodes, or it hits an obstacle or player.

Push: A card with a "P" symbol. When picked up, the player can press the Square button to push an enemy around a little bit. Can be done with rapid succession.

Power Glove: A card with a blue glove symbol. When picked up, players can pick up bombs with the Circle button and throw them in a chosen direction. The player can also pick up other players or CPUs and throw them in the direction that they are facing.

Line Bomb: A card with a diagonal line of bombs symbol. When picked up, the player can press the Square button to set down all available bombs in a straight line. To acquire a longer line, more Bomb cards must be picked up.

Speed Down: A card with a wooden sandal symbol. It decreases the speed of a player with the same amount that the Roller Skate increases.

Poison: A card with a Skull symbol: When picked up, it gives the player a certain ailment out of many. Some include making the D-pad work in the opposite way, the player cannot put down bombs, the player can't stop setting down bombs, the player is forced to change places with another player, cannot stop moving, move extremely fast, move extremely slow, among others. The ailment stays until the player picks up another item (the skull will jump out of the player and land back on screen), or the player walks past another player, in which that player will be stuck with it. It is advised that players blow up the item when they can to avoid picking it up by accident.

Some items cannot be obtained in a regular multiplayer game and must be used in Maniac Mode or obtained during Special Mode to use:

Full Fire: A card looking very similar to the Fire card, but with a yellow background instead of green. It gives you the maximum amount of fire possible. Any Fire cards picked up afterward are useless.

Remote Controller: A card with a bomb inside of a heart symbol. When a bomb is set down, it will not explode until the player presses the X button. This ability is used for Line Bomb, and the amount of bombs the player has at their disposal.

Piercing Fire: A card with a bomb covered in spikes symbol. When picked up, a bomb's fire explosion can pass through obstacles and enemies, exploding numerous objects. Cannot pass through obstacles that can't normally be destroyed.

Safety Vest: A card with an armor coat symbol. Allows the player to be invincible for a short time.

Heart: A card with a heart symbol. Allows the player to take a hit without dying.

Ignore Walls: A card with a brick wall symbol. Allows the player to walk through "soft" walls (this is also in multiplayer mode).

Bomberman Fantasy Race is a 3D racing game featuring two single player modes and a two player mode. Players choose one of six Bomberman characters, then select the creature in which they want to ride on. There are two types of creatures, the Louie and the Tirra, and the player can eventually choose from six of each. Before starting a race, players purchase items at a shop with their prize money. The goal of the main single player mode is to finish the race ahead of the other five racers, who are controlled by the CPU. The player is rewarded with prize money (called Bomberman coins) if they reach at least third place. If the player reaches first place, the player will be able to play a bonus course that will reward him with more coins. Finishing a course in first place will unlock a mirrored version of that course.
In the two player mode, players are able to bet money on the race. The player who wins the race will earn all the money that the losing player bet before the race. The player with the least amount of money is the one who decides if a bet can be placed on a race.
In Time Attack Mode, players race against the clock to post their fastest lap times and course records. Players can save a ghost data to study their runs or exchange it with friends. The ranking screen posts the player's name, creature, and best time.
Players can look and exchange coins in the bank. The bank has ten boxes with a lit blue light if they have coins, and a red one if they are full. Players exchange hundred Copper coins for one Silver coin, and ten Silver coins for one Gold coin. When a safe in the bank is full, the coins are exchanged automatically. Coins can be used to buy new creatures at the stable, items, and courses.
Players are able to throw or drop bombs during a race. Other than using bombs to attack other opponents, players can use a bomb dash, giving their creatures an acceleration boost. Creatures are able to dash using stamina for a limited amount of time, and can also use a triangle jump by jumping off walls. During a race, players will come across panels that will give them different items which they can use to help their progress or hinder the progress of their opponents. Players can also find eggs among the course, and a creature can hold three eggs. The eggs function differently for each creature. A Louie will gain an speed boost, while a Tirra will form a barrier that will protect them from bomb explosions.

Bomberman Fantasy Race features six playable characters. White Bomber, the hero of the Bomberman series, decides to participate when he sees that Bagular, a recurring Bomberman villain (who enters the race to fund an evil plan), is seen among the list of participants. Black Bomber, White Bomber's ally and rival, participates in the race to earn the prize money and become rich. Another returning character is Pretty Bomber, the sly female member of the Five Dastardly Bombers that first debuted in Super Bomberman 2. An Hige Hige Bandit (from Saturn Bomberman), known only as Mechbomber 015, participates in the race to show everyone how good he is. A new character is Mach Bomber, a mysterious bomberman who always says that he was born to run.
Dr. Ein, Bomberman's creator, makes an unplayable appearance in the game to offer help and advice to the player, while his friendly robot Kepo, helps the player in the game's menu. The other unplayable character's in the game are a group of robots known as the Petit Rescue 7. They hand items to the player, or return them to the course if they fall into a pit or water.

After the player selects a character, they must select one of the two creature types, either the Louie (which first debuted in Bomberman '94), or the Tirra (which debuted in Saturn Bomberman), which act as their vehicles. The Louie's excel at handling, while the Tirra have better speed. As the player earns coins, they can use them at the stable to purchase a better version of that creature.

* Green Louie: Not very fast, but balanced.
* Hopping Louie: Jumps higher than the other creatures, but not very fast.
* Tri Louie: Fastest acceleration of all the Louie's, but low stamina.
* Soaring Louie: Very good with the triangle jump, best for courses with many curves.
* Hyper Louie: Fastest of all the Louie's and the all-around creature.

* Blue Tirra: Faster than the Green Louie, but cannot jump as high.
* Brave Tirra: Has the best stamina, allowing it to run at top speed in a short course.
* Flying Tirra: The Tirra with the best jump.
* Mighty Tirra: Strong defense makes it hard to knock this Tirra down with explosions.
* Super Tirra: The strongest Tirra, who is an even match for Hyper Louie.

After the player purchases the four types of each creature, a fifth one will appear for purchase, the Black Louie, and the King Tirra.

Bomberman Fantasy Race features seven courses, along with a secret course. The first available course is the Bomber Circuit, which allows beginning players to learn most of the game's advanced techniques thanks to the course's straightaways. The player needs to purchase the following courses with Bomberman coins. The second course is the Bomber Coaster Lake, which takes the player through an amusement park and going around a lake, where the player can use the water fountain in the middle of the course to their advantage. The third course is the Waca Isl Beachside, a course with two shortcuts that allows the player to practice their triangle jumps. The fourth course is the Bakuzan Ski Course, where the ice increases the speed of the player's creature but decreases handling, while snow slows down a creature but keeps the player in perfect control of it. The fifth course, Star Express, has Hige Hige Bandits that attack the player in UFOs. The sixth course is the Dyna Mountain, takes the player across a minefield, a cave past a bridge, a waterfall that they have to jump across, and a windy bridge. The final course is the Bomber Castle, which becomes available after the player clears all six courses. The race takes place in a Bomberman Battle Mode arena, with landmines, floating mines, and tiles on the floor that can burn the player. When the player clears all seven courses, they can purchase a mirrored version of each course. Clearing this mirrored courses unlocks the final course, Highway Star Road.

Use an Emulator to run the games or burn to disc.
Recommended: ePSXe 1.6 or 1.7

Language: English
Format: CDROM Images
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 626.90 MB
Password: No Password


Saturday, 23 June 2018

[PS2] Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition [PS2 DVD NTSC]


Need for Speed: Most Wanted is in fact a cross between the Underground and the Hot Pursuit spin-offs. The player must gain notoriety by racing in the streets and attracting the attention of the cops in order to ascend in the Black List of illegal racers. In the end he must face no.1, Razor who tricked him out of his own car and used it to get to the top.

Many racing modes are carried on from NFSU2 with the addition of "Milestones", special events where the driver must evade capture and/or disable police cars by bringing down Pursuit Breakers, specially marked buildings such as gas stations and water towers. For each one of the 15 Blacklisted opponents, the player must win a specific number of events from each of the two main types and gain enough notoriety in the process. The player can invest bet money to buy new cars or improve his existing one's looks and performance so that he remains competitive.

In Most Wanted, Josie Maran replaces Brooke Burke as the racer girl. The plot is furthered through use of FMV video with live actors and digital sets, which has been heavily enhanced so that it looks quite real.

Language: English
Format: iso / ntsc
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 2.88 GB
Password: - No Password -


[PS2] True Crime: New York City (NTSC) [ENG]


Game Description:
Marcus Reed is a gangster turned cop who is out to clean the streets of New York. Marcus joins the Organized Crime Division of the NYPD with the intent to rid the city of crime and violence. Hoping to make a name for himself after his mentor is shot down, Marcus goes after the top crime syndicates of the city.

Besides having to do this, Marcus is a street-level cop. He is responsible for anything from stopping street fights to stopping gang wars to defusing bombs! Not only this, he can frisk people on the street for contraband, can do trunk searches on cars, as well as issue tickets to speeders.

But if Marcus is gonna do all those things, hes gonna do it his way. Need some cash? Marcus isn't opposed to a bit of extortion from the local pharmacy. Need some a way to stabilize your career after that rampage last week? Plant some evidence on a guy and bring him in. No one will know. Pistols not cutting it for you? The gun stores sell police officers anything, from M4's to flamethrowers to RPGs.

With the city of New York at your fingertips, and nearly every building accessible to you, how will you rule? Will you be a shining beacon of morals, or a shady figure in the underworld of NY. The choice is up to you.

Lang.: English
Discs: 1
Image: MDS/ISO
Genre.: Action
Rating: Mature
Requirements: Modded/Chipped Ps2 or Swap Magic Disc Method.
Compressed with 7Zip, Game was tested and works.

Note: No Ps2 backup disc/game or copy will work unless your Ps2 Console is Modded (allows playing of backups), or if you use Swap Magic.

Game Pics Included.
Burn with DVD Decrypter, (Included in download).
Burn at 8x or 4x Speed.
Use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVD Media for best quality, or if other media isn't working.

If Using DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM.
(If your Mod-Chip or Ps2 doesn't support DVD+R)

Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 1.66 GB
Password: - No Password -


[PS2] Gran Turismo 4 [ENG]


Gran Turismo 4 - the long awaited continuation of the cult series of sports racing simulators, for 8 years of existence has become the object of ecstatic worship of millions of players worldwide. The best indicator of the quality of the series in its sales - previous 3 parts separated total circulation of more than 36 million copies.

Simulator fill your life with the roar of tens of thousands of horsepower, the brilliance of hundreds of luxury cars, screeching tires on the hot tracks from around the world, breathtaking views and the smell of this victory - high-octane gasoline exhaust and flavor of nitrous oxide, mixed with splashes of champagne prize.

Gran Turismo 4 - a paradise for aesthetes and lovers of beautiful landscapes. Graphic photographic quality and highest detail squeezes out of the PlayStation 2 maximum of its capabilities. Astonishment would be no limit - you're sure to find yourself thinking that you want to throttle, stop the race and out of the car to enjoy the opening types.
50 tracks. Immerse yourself in the charm of the Italian province of Assisi. Vorvites a roaring metropolis of New York. Hurricane will rush to the Grand Canyon in Colorado. European endurance and off-road, supersonic speed blazing neon Japan, brightness and unpredictability tracks China. For the pilot Gran Turismo 4 no borders.
More than 700 cars from 80 major corporations and exclusive car producers of all countries in the world - from the color coded prototypes "wet asphalt, and silver" concept cars ", fireballs and" supercar "to ageless classics - Ford Mustang, Alfa Romeo and Mercedes-Benz. For the first time in the Gran Turismo series are classic cars: Shelby Cobra 427 (model 1967) and Volkswagen 1100 (model 1949). Realistic appearance and management as close to the original. All cars have the unique physics of motion and dynamics of governance.
Change the look of their car - no restrictions! Change the wheels, tires and spoilers - make competitors blush and tear his hair out of envy. Ideas and development for GT4 represented by such authoritative tuning studio as RUF and Spoon. Boost power, adjust the technical parameters of the engine and suspension depending on the conditions of the forthcoming race.
Do not like complexity? At your disposal antilock system, control system stability and traction. You do not have to focus on continuous monitoring, including simplified management mode and rest - turn the ride in endless fun!
Can not tolerate other people's records? Establish their - win campaign (Single Race) and get the title GT Pro or compete for time (Time Trial). Nitrous oxide (NOS) and boosters (Superchargers) will force competitors doomed to watch your rapidly receding position.

Year: 2005
Genre: Racing
Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: SCEA
Platform: PS2
Language: English
Multiplayer: 2x, and 6 through the LAN

Language: English
Format: DVD iso
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 4.36 GB
Password: - No Password -


Friday, 22 June 2018

PS2 Bios Collection (All PS2 Models Bios)

Here are all the bios for PS2. Uself for the well know emulator PCSX2. From the phat PS2 to the Slim ones. All are organized in folders. PAL/NTSC.

Seed if you can.

Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 19.91 MB
Password: - No Password -


Thursday, 21 June 2018

[PS1] Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu [PAL-German&English] Deutsch und Englisch

Jade Cocoon: Die Tamamayu Legende
Willkommen in der mystischen Welt von Jade Cocoon. In der Rolle des jungen Cocoon Masters Levant fällt Ihnen die Verantwortung zu, Ihr Dorf vor dem Schwarm der Zerstörung zu schützen. Auf seinem gefahrvollen Weg muß Levant schwierige Aufgaben lösen und mächtige Monster bezwingen. Zum Glück hat Levant als Cocoon Master die Macht, Monster zu zähmen und zu züchten, um sie dann für sich kämpfen zu lassen.

- Mehr als 150 verschiedene Monster können bekämpft und gefangengenommen werden
- Sie können alle gefangengenommenen Monster beliebig kombinieren und so Millionen neue, verschiedenartige Monster erschaffen
- Mehr als 600 gerenderte hochauflösende Hintergründe erwecken die Welt zum Leben
- Unglaubliche Kamera-Einstellungen und Spezial-Effekte
- komplett auf deutsch
- Unterstützt Sony Dual Shock Controller

Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu
Your village is about to be destroyed by the mystical Storm of Destruction. As the Cocoon Master you have the power to tame and breed monsters, but above all, the fate of your people lies in your hands. Throughout your travels you will discover mystical places, confront deadly creatures and learn about the legends of your people as well as your own destiny. Tame all kinds of different monsters and make them stronger in order to survive this great adventure.

Language: English / German
Format: BIN
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 650 MB
No Password



[PS1] Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 [NTSC-U]

Hawks back. With new technology. New Pros. And new tricks. THPS2, the legend rides on.

Skate as legendary Tony Hawk or one of 12 other Pro Skaters. Create Your Own Custom Skaters.

Multiple Play Modes Including 1-Player Career and free Skate Modes as Well as 1-Player Modes Such as Trick Attack, Graffiti, Tag and Horse. Build Your Own Custom Skate Parks with The 3D Real-Time Park Editor. Signature Pro Moves Including Hundreds of New Tricks. Includes Hip-Hop & Punk Soundtrack Featuring Rage Against the Machine, Naughty by Nature, Papa Roach and More

Language. English / NTSC
Format: Bin / Cue
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 713.44 MB
No Password

DDL - Download

[PS1] Mortal Kombat Trilogy [ENG]


Mortal Kombat, in all its incarnations, has always been about anticipation and mystery - bringing players back time and time again in search of brutal combat, secret moves, and hidden characters. And now in Mortal Kombat Trilogy the entire Mortal Kombat series (and more) is on one disk. Die-hard fans will lose their heads over all-new moves, finishing techniques, and a new secret character - Chameleon. Players won't find any improvement in terms of control, graphics, or sound from the Playstation edition of MK3, but they will find a heck of a lot more game.

In addition to the plethora of great-looking backgrounds and digitized characters, Mortal Kombat Trilogy ups the ante in terms of options. Players can do more than simply adjust the level of difficulty and turn off the graphic violence mode; now they can select "auto" combos, which make those difficult multi-button attacks much easier to perform. Gone too is the long loading delay from MK3 and UMK3 when Shang Tsung, the morphing character, switches identity. In Mortal Kombat Trilogy, the console loads two additional characters into memory - this means Tsung can now morph without delay. This pre-loading feature gets even faster and deeper when players select characters who are palette swaps. (An example of a palette swap would be the human male ninja character, who takes the form of the blue Sub-Zero, the yellow Scorpion, the green Reptile, and others. In essence this is the same character, but with slightly different attributes.) The new secret character, Chameleon, takes full advantage of palette swapping, and constantly shifts among the human, male ninja character forms. His morphs are ingenious enough, however, that most players will welcome yet another ninja into the fold.

While there's little doubt that the Mortal Kombat series is the best 2D fighting-game property ever, there is a bottom line. That is to say, Mortal Kombat Trilogy should be seen as a bonus for loyal fans before Mortal Kombat steps into the 3D arena (in next year's MK4). For these fans, Mortal Kombat Trilogy offers enough added elements to justify purchasing it. However, the Mortal Kombat series does have to move to the next level quickly, or it will become a fatality itself. --Hugh Sterbakov
--Copyright ©1999 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited. GameSpot and the GameSpot logo are trademarks of GameSpot Inc. -- GameSpot Review

Languguage: English
Format: CDROM image
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 540.23 MB
Password: - No Password -


[PS1] SQUARESOFT Collection For The PS1 (PSX) [NTSC] English + Russian

Games for the PS1/PSX. Some soundtracks are included.

List of the games:

Brave Fencer Musashi (English)
Bushido Blade (English)
Bushido Blade 2 (English + Russian)
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 - Chocobo's Magical Dungeon 2 (English)
Chocobo Racing (English + Russian)
Chrono Cross (English + Russian)
Chrono Trigger (English + Russian)
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring (English)
Einhander (English)
Front Mission 3 (English + Russian)
Legend of Mana (English + Russian)
Parasite Eve (English + Russian)
Parasite Eve 2 (English + Russian)
Saga Frontier (English)
Saga Frontier 2 (English + Russian)
Threads of Fate (English + Russian)
Tobal No. 1 (English)
Tobal No. 2 (Original Japanese + English Patch)
Vagrant Story (English + Russian)
Xenogears (English + Russian)

Language: English
Format: cdrom isos
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 21.16 GB
Password: - No Password -

DDL - Download

[PS1] Street Fighter Alpha Collection [NTSC-U]


Street Fighter Alpha Collection

Games Include: (All NTSC)

-Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams

Intense. Brutal. Combat. The world has never encountered such a powerful collection of fighters in one tournament. Until now...

Armed with an arsenal of new moves, super combos and deadly secrets, the legendary Street Fighters collide with a lethal new combination of fierce opponents.

Now charlie, Sodom, Birdie and Guy show they play for keeps when they battle on the street. New contenders Rose and Adon draw powers of the soul and nature to annihilate opponents and secure fame, power and prestige.

The most extreme one-on-one warfare ever!!

-Street Fighter Alpha 2

Street Fighter Alpha 2 explodes on-screen with lightning-fast gameplay and amazing innovations. Quick Move Reversals, Alpha Counters and the incredible Custom Combo System create a new standard for all games to fight by.

Push your talents to the limit as you discover new hidden moves and reversals for every character. Neutralize opponent's attacks with high and low Alpha Counters and execute incredible Custom Combos to create your own rapid-fire assault of attacks.

All your favorite warriors are back for more. Previously hidden characters Dan, Akuma and Bison are joined by 5 new fighters: Sakura, Rolento, Gen and classic favorites Dhalsim and Zangief.

-Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3...scores a triple K.O.!

Language: English / NTSC
Format: *.Bin/*.Cue
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 1.64 GB
Password: - no password -


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

[PS1] Mega Man X 3-6 (Full PSX Collection) (PS1) (Megaman) (ePSXe)


Mega Man X3

A Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler begins creation of a new city for Reploids, which will bring a new era of peace to the Reploids and humans. But something goes terribly wrong, and now Mavericks have begun to appear everywhere! It's up to X and Zero to find out who is behind this Maverick revolt and bring them down for good!

For the first time in the series, players can play use X's friend, Zero. However, he is pretty much restricted to only about one third of each level, and has only one life (i.e when he loses all his energy, he is put out of the fight for the rest of the game).

Mega Man X4

Mega Man X, the reploid leader of the 17th unit Maverick Hunters, and his best friend Zero have to stop a reploid rebellion. Each of them gets involved in a different way and you can play as either character through the parallel stories.

Mega Man X5

Years after the Reploid Wars, all seems peaceful in the world. But peace was not meant to last forever. When the "Eurasia" space colony is attacked by an unknown virus, the call goes out! X and Zero are called back into action to help destroy the colony, which is now on a collision course with Earth, and is expected to collide into the planet in only 16 hours! At the same time, Sigma, the archenemy of the Maverick Hunters, shows up again...

Mega Man X5 retains the gameplay style of the previous games, adding new features such as advanced Maverick AI, bigger and more challenging stages, and new gameplay elements: ducking and swinging on vines and ropes.

Mega Man X6

It's been 3 weeks since the space colony "Eurasia" crashed into the Earth. Since then, the Earth has become a deadly, barren wasteland, unfit for humans to inhabit the surface. The humans now live underground, while Reploids begin the task of attempting to recover from the deadly onslaught of the Sigma Virus.

For the Maverick Hunters, the task is difficult, especially for X. Zero was lost in the attack, and all X has left of him is his Beam Sabre. As the Maverick Hunters assist in the recovery operation, a young Reploid scientist, Gate, discovers a mysterious chip in the wastelands. He immediately sets out on a cause to discover the mysterious "Nightmare Virus", and sends 8 assistants out to search for answers. But when Gate's assistants suddenly vanish, the worst is feared: they've gone Maverick.

X is the only one now who can discover the answers needed to unravel the mystery of this deadly "Nightmare Virus", and perhaps find out what it is exactly Gate wants with it.

The sixth episode of Mega Man X begins...

Language: English
Format: CDROM Isos
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 1.04 GB
Password: - No Password -

DDL - Download

[PS1] Crash Bandicoot (FULL PS1 Collection) (PSX) (incl. CTR N Bash)

Crash Bandicoot

Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. Nitrus Brio, two evil doctors determined to take over the world, create two devices to turn innocent creatures into genius destroyers of the world. One particular animal, a Bandicoot, is chosen to be the leader of the pack, but when the devices fail in their attempts, the animals are turned into crazy monsters. Only Crash Bandicoot survives with brain intact, now knowing that Neo Cortex is the real bad guy. Cortex notices the threat that Crash may cause, and banishes Crash to another island. So it is up to Crash to find his way through the islands monster population and stop Cortex from destroying the world, as well as saving his girlfriend who is next on the devices list.

In Crash' first appearance on the Playstation, you must run, jump and spin your way through this part 3D platform/part Side Scroller/part Mario 64 style adventure.

Crash Bandicoot 2

After the last battle with Crash Bandicoot, Cortex is thrown down to Crash' island. In a cave he finds a crystal which he finds out holds great powers. Cortex plans to use these powers for an improved Cortex Vortex which will turn everyone on Earth into his mindless slaves. But in order to do that he has to find 25 other crystals to power the Cortex Vortex. He recruits his old enemy, Crash, to find them, but Crash doesn't know about Cortex' evil plans.

Crash Bandicoot 3

The third title in Sony's popular Crash Bandicoot series, Crash Bandicoot 3 is the first to feature Coco as a playable character, and uses the "tunnel" 3D popularized in the earlier Crash games.

As in Crash Bandicoot 2 you have to collect 25 crystals that are scattered across time before your enemy Dr. Neo Cortex does. But this time the evil witch doctor Uka Uka is with Cortex to find the crystals and take over the world. With help from N. Tropy they build a Time Twister Machine to travel through time with. Crash and Coco must also use the Time Twister for gathering crystals, as usual with the help from the good witch doctor Aku Aku.

But there are also 42 gems scattered across time, just like in Crash 2. You must find them as well in order to complete the game. When you have collected all of the 25 crystals, then you can take on Cortex and Uka Uka.

Crash Team Racing (CTR)

Crash Team Racing (CTR) is a kart racing game a la Mario Kart, featuring popular characters from the Crash Bandicoot series of games - Crash, Coco, Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Penta Penguin, Polar, Pura, Papu Papu, Komodo Joe, Pinstripe, Tiny, Dingodile, Ripper Roo, Fake Crash and N. Tropy.

The player can race a full storyboard game as any one of the characters, fighting to beat the ultimate (and cheating) racer from another planet, Nitrous Oxide, who wants to turn the Earth into a car park. Each of the main races are against 7 other AI competitors, with 5 "boss" races against a single boss character.

To help you along your way are a whole bunch of weapons, ranging from missiles and rolling bombs to booby-trapped TNT crates and the leader-seeking orb.

There are also a few arcade modes, sub-games and battle games against up to 4 other players.

Crash Bash

This game in the Crash Bandicoot series features Crash and his cohorts participating in games a la the Nintendo game Mario Party.

There are 7 minigame types, 4 of which are available from the start of the game. Each of the minigame types has 4 variations, for a total of 28 different minigames. The minigame types range from bumper-cars to four-way pong. The goal of every game is for the player to either score more points than their opponents or destroy them. Every minigame can be played with up to 4 players total, with AI sitting in for any unused slots.


More infos:

- Extract
- Burn Or Mount (max. 4x speed)
- Play with Modded PSX or Emulator

Language: English
Format: CDROM Isos
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 972.07 MB
Password: - No Password -

DDL - Download

[PS1] Final Fantasy (Full PSX Collection) (PS1) (Use EPSXe) [ENG]

Final Fantasy Origins (1-2) I-II
Final Fantasy (3) III
Final Fantasy (4) IV
Final Fantasy (5) V
Final Fantasy (6) VI
Final Fantasy (7) VII
Final Fantasy (8) VIII
final fantasy (9) IX
Final Fantasy Chronicles - Final Fantasy (4) IV
Final Fantasy Anthology - Final Fantasy (5) V
Final Fantasy Anthology - Final Fantasy (6) VI
Final Fantasy Chronicles - Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy Tactics

NOTE: I included ff 4-6 and ff chron 4, anthol 5 and 6 because i'm not sure if there is or is not a difference (i'm not a huge fan of the ff series).

Language: English
Format: ISOS
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 5.76 GB
Password: - No Password -


[PS2] Dark Cloud - Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Französisch (PAL-MULTI5) Inkl. Deutsche Gebrauchsanweisung

Die Zeit der Finsternis ist gekommen. Das Böse, das unbeschreiblich Böse ist wiedererwacht. Du bist der Auserwählte, der einzige der Frieden und Harmonie wiederherstellen kann. Bereite dich auf ein magisches Abenteuer vor, eine Reise durch fremde Länder und dunkle Verliese. Befreie Gefangene und baue auf, was zerstört wurde. Dein Weg wird nicht einfach werden, aber er führt dich gewiss in das größte Abenteuer deines Lebens...

- Innovativer Mix aus Action-Adventure, Rollenspiel und Aufbausimulation mit der Möglichkeit, eigene Spielwelten zu entwerfen und zu erforschen
- Atemberaubende Grafik mit explosiven Lichteffekten, realistischen Flüssigkeitsanimationen und absoluter Detailgenauigkeit
- Viele verschiedene Schauplätze mit überwältigender Atmosphäre, von dunklen, unheildrohenden Höhlensystemen bis zu magisch verzauberten Wäldern
- Viele unterschiedliche Charaktere sorgen für abwechslungsreiche Interaktion und jede Menge furchteinflößende Gegner garantieren spannende Kämpfe
- Episches Abenteuer mit einer fantastischen Geschichte und über 50 Stunden fesselndem Spielspaß.
Rollenspiel-Action-Adventure trifft Städteaufbau-Simulation -- Dark Cloud vereint tatsächlich die besten Eigenschaften aller drei Genres. Denn zum ersten Mal in der Videospielgeschichte kann der Held die Welt selbst erschaffen, die er durchstreift. Eine wirklich tolle Idee, die wunderbar stimmig umgesetzt wurde. Die Story: Ein böser Dschinn hat die Welt zerstört -- doch kurz vor der völligen Vernichtung gelang es dem Feenkönig, die Einzelteile in Kugeln, "Atla" genannt, zu bannen. Held Toans Bestimmung ist es nun, alle Atla zu finden und die Welt wiederherzustellen.

So findet man sich zu Anfang eines jeden Gebietes in einer leeren Landschaft wieder und trifft maximal eine einzige Person, die einem Hinweise gibt. Dann macht sich Toan (später dann begleitet von mehreren Gefährten, die zur Erfüllung der Aufgaben unerlässlich sind) auf den Weg in den Dungeon des Gebietes, um Horden von Gegnern zu schlagen, mehr oder weniger knifflige Rätsel zu lösen und vor allem Atla zu sammeln. Die Inhalte der Atla (Leute, Häuser, Laternen, Brunnen, Straßen etc.) muss der Spieler im Aufbau-Teil des Spiels so kombinieren, dass die Bewohner der Häuser vollkommen zufrieden mit Ausstattung und Lage ihres Hauses sind; nur dann bekommt Toan eine Extra-Belohnung vom Hausbewohner. Sieht dann das gesamte Dorf so aus, wie es sein soll, bekommt Toan nochmal eine Überraschung.

Dark Cloud ist ein wahres Freudenfest für alle Rollenspiel- und Action-Adventure-Liebhaber: Ist man erst einmal in Toans Welt abgetaucht, mag man sie gar nicht mehr verlassen. Die Grafik ist wunderschön atmosphärisch und passend zum jeweiligen Gebiet geraten (der Dungeon einer Stadt am Meer ist zum Beispiel das Wrack eines U-Bootes), der Sound ist stimmig und untermalt die jeweiligen Situationen sehr schön, das Gameplay ist flüssig und extrem motivierend. Oft betritt man doch einen Dungeonlevel mehr, als man eigentlich wollte, nur in der Hoffnung, endlich das richtige Atla zu finden, um ein bestimmtes Haus fertig zu stellen.

Auch die Kämpfe machen dank vieler (aufrüstbarer und sogar kombinierbarer) Waffen sowie dank der Gefährten mit ihren verschiedenen Eigenschaften und Kampftechniken so richtig Spaß. Auch neu ist, dass die Helden im Verlauf des Abenteuers durstig werden -- einige Flaschen Wasser sollte Toan also immer mit sich führen, genauso wie Reparaturpulver zur Wiederherstellung von abgenutzten und vom Zerfall bedrohten Waffen -- denn damit gehen auch die mühsam erworbenen Aufrüstungen verloren. Besonders gelungen ist zum Glück auch die deutsche Lokalisation, die Texte werden sehr humorvoll und stimmig herübergebracht. Sehr nett: Die Endgegner sind immer peinlich berührt, wenn sie erfahren, dass sie den Helden unter dem Einfluss einer dunklen Macht angegriffen haben. Mit Worten lässt sich leider nicht wirklich beschreiben, wie genial Dark Cloud ist -- also heißt die Devise: rein mit der CD in Ihre PlayStation.2 und ab in eine fremde Welt! --Ines Heidrich



Description (English):
400 Years ago, a war between the Eastern Continent and the Western Wizard Army destroyed the world as a great power was unleashed. Time has passed and in present day, the power-hungry General Flag has organized a ritual to awaken this power once more: the Dark Genie. Barely controlled by a spell, the Dark Genie once again breaks the world, beginning with the village of Norune. The only survivor of Norune is a boy named Toan, son of the great hero Ada. As Toan surveys the destruction, the Spirit King appears and tells him that all is not lost; pieces of the world, including buildings and people, have been sealed away in protective Atla spheres. Using a magic glove called the Atlamillia, Toan must resurrect the world and find the powers necessary to defeat the Dark Genie.

Dark Cloud is an action-RPG title, often compared to Soul Blazer, played from the 3rd person perspective. Toan must enter randomly generated dungeons where he will battle monsters and recover Atla spheres. Toan battles with a sword, which can be slashed directly in front of him or powered up for a stronger blow. During his travels, Toan encounters other characters who will offer to aid him and can be switched to during dungeons, with individual statistics and weapons. Items are also found and shared among the party, including restorative items, attack items and general power-ups. Each character has a thirst meter, which much be replenished or health will start to drain. Should a character lose all their health, they will fall in battle and be returned to town unless Stand-In powder is used, in which case that character is unavailable and control passes to another.

Toan is the only character able to collect Atla spheres which contain different items needed to restore the villages destroyed by the Dark Genie. Rebuilding is done outside the dungeon in a designated village area. Buildings can be placed down, rotated and moved as need be. They can also be upgraded with additional furniture and people (usually the owners of the building). As the dungeons are conquered and the area becomes more lifelike, treasure chests start appearing around the town and villagers often become friendlier. Some villagers have additional requests, such as being placed facing the east, for the placement of their homes.

Each character in Toan's party uses a unique weapon, but several different types of weapon under each category can be collected. As weapons are used, they gain Absorption (Abs). These Abs points are used as "experience" for the weapon and can upgrade the weapon's abilities. Each weapon features a number of "slots" to which power-up items can be attached, any items attached to slots will be absorbed when the weapon is upgraded. Each weapon has certain attributes which must be improved in order to "build up" to a different type of weapon. Additionally, any weapon reaching level 5 can be broken into a Synthsphere, an item containing 60% of its abilities, which can then be attached to slots on different weapons. In this manner, weapons can always be upgraded or used in the improvement of another weapon throughout the game. The game also features certain sequences where buttons must be pressed in the correct order and correct timing in order to progress.

Published by
Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
Developed by
Level-5 Inc.
May 29, 2001
Also For
PlayStation 4 | Combined View

ESRB Rating
Action, Role-Playing (RPG)
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Language(Text): English, German, Spanish, Italian, French
Language(Audio): English
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