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[PS2] 007: Nightfire (James Bond) [PS2] [NTSC]

NightFire takes inspiration from several of the best 007 moments across the years. In the completely original storyline, the super-spy finds himself on the trail of a corrupt businessman who's hatched a plan to use a secret weapon to destroy the world. Bond's quest to stop the terrorist before he can do any harm takes him across the world through a variety of first-person shooter and driving levels, deep into the ocean, and soaring into space. Much of the game (including the four-player multiplayer mode) is played in the first-person perspective, but there are also racing action stages that utilize the Need for Speed game engine.

Language: English
Format: DVD Iso
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 1.72 GB
Password: - No Password -

[PS1] Parasite Eve 1 And 2 (PSX PS1 PSOne) (Similar To Resident Evil) (ePSXe Compatible)


Parasite Eve is an RPG with many survival horror elements. Movement in the various environments is free. Movement in the "world map" (which is a map of Manhattan) is limited to specific destinations. Upon the player walking over a "hot spot," there's a chance of a random encounter. Each time the encounter occurs, the likelihood of the battle reoccurring decreases. Enemies materialize suddenly and though there is no shift to a separate battle screen, the player is bound within a perimeter of unseen barriers until the battle is over, either by defeating all enemies or using the Escape command. In battle, the player has an "Active Time Bar" (ATB) that sets the time for every turn to take action. Upon each turn the player may choose between attacking with their equipped weapon, using PE (Parasite Energy) for defense, assistance or attack, using items, changing weapon or armor, or escaping the battle. If the player chooses to attack, a dome symbolizing the range of the weapon appears. If the enemy is outside of the range, the shot is likely to fail. Even if the shot lands, the damage will be less than normal.
When the player decides to use Parasite Energy, they must choose from the menu the desired PE skill. The same goes for weapon, armor or items; however, if the player should choose to escape, experience will be lost. Parasite Energy is slowly recharged over time.
When not in battle, the player has the option of altering the weapon and armor attributes and effects with tools and super-tools. The player selects the "tune-up" option, choosing the weapon that will be altered and the weapon from which the attributes or effect will be taken.
One of the principal RPG elements of the game is that experience-based levels are present. Each time the player's level increases, his/her attributes go up and BP (Bonus Points) are given. These points can be distributed to the ATB, item capacity, or attributes of a weapon or armor.

When the game is cleared once, a new mode appears, called the "EX game." It is different from the normal game in various aspects: the player has access to every item stored in the police station, the game begins with the final weapon and armor the player chose before ending the first game, and the bonus points (BP) given to the player at the end of the game are now available to use. However, the biggest difference from the normal game is the Chrysler Building, a progressive endurance test.
The Chrysler Building test allows the player the chance to save only every ten floors and only after defeating a boss. The items, weapons, power-ups and enemies are of a higher class. The best items, armors, and weapons are here along with the trading cards that allow the player to make customizations to the weapons and get the tool and super-tool kits. It should also be noted that every floor (except floors 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70-77) are completely randomized so each floor is like a maze. Most importantly, the boss in the last floor of the building (77) is the true final boss of the game and has the form of Aya's elder sister, Maya. This final boss explains to Aya that Klamp cultivated the cells of the original Eve to analyze. So when Melissa was giving birth to the ultimate being, she created a nest there. In case Melissa and the ultimate being failed, the purebred would remain. Aya speaks with her sister, and they engage in battle against the purebred. After the purebred is defeated, the mitochondria inside Aya begin to rebel against her. The explanation is that Aya's mitochondria have now reached a higher evolutionary stage than Maya’s, but Maya's personality has suddenly become dominant and begun to fight off the Eve persona. Maya eventually wins, purging the Eve persona from herself. Somehow, Maya protects Aya by preventing the original Eve from taking over her. Aya leaves the building by herself, although she apparently has gained some sort of connection with her dead sister.
Maya's body is not physically present in either scenario, only Eve is. What actually happens is arguable due to the scene's lack of camera angles for certain characters.

The game takes place over a six day span in New York City in 1997. The incident starts on December 24 and ends on December 29.

The game begins with Aya Brea, an NYPD rookie, attending an opera with an unnamed date. During the opera, everyone in the building spontaneously combusts, except for Aya, her date, and an actress on stage named Melissa Pearce. Aya confronts Melissa backstage, and Melissa says that Aya’s mitochondria need more time to develop. Melissa then mutates into a beast and flees into the sewers, declaring that her name is now Eve.[2]
The next day on Christmas, Aya and her partner Daniel go to see a scientist at the Museum of Natural History named Dr. Klamp. He tells them things about mitochondria that they find useless for their purposes. Later that day, they hear that Eve is in Central Park and to make matters worse an audience has gathered at the parks theater intending to see a performance that Melissa Pearce was to give. Aya enters Central Park alone as Daniel is unable to pass through the entrance without spontaneously combusting. She makes it to the theater but is too late to stop Eve, who causes the theater audience's mitochondria to rebel against their hosts and turns the crowd into a slimy orange mass. Aya chases after Eve and is knocked unconscious in a fight.
Daniel discovers that his son, Ben, was at the park but had left the audience at the Central Park theater when he began to feel ill and when his mother began to act strange. He also learns that Manhattan is being evacuated due to the threat that Eve poses. While Manhattan is being evacuated, a Japanese man named Kunihiko Maeda manages to sneak into the city, witnessing a police officer combust into flames in the process.
Aya awakens in an apartment with Daniel and Maeda at her side. Maeda reveals the origins of Eve. A scientist tried to culture the cells of his wife after she was involved in a car accident, and the mitochondria in her cells took over her body. Maeda believes that Eve may be trying to give birth to an “Ultimate Being.”
The next day, the three go to see Dr. Klamp again, and he tells Aya that the nuclei in her cells are fighting Eve’s mitochondria. After he asks a few questions of her, they leave Dr. Klamp and head for the hospital, where Maeda thinks Eve may try to get sperm for the Ultimate Being.[3] When they arrive, they find that Eve is already there. Eve takes the sperm and escapes.
The next day, Aya discovers the orange mass of people from the park enter the city water supply. She goes to Dr. Klamp one more time, and discovers that Dr. Klamp has engineered special sperm for Eve so that she can create the Ultimate Being.[4] He then spontaneously combusts. Aya finds Eve in another part of the museum, where the orange mass has surrounded her, forming an impermeable shield to protect her while the Ultimate Being gestates in her.
After several failed attempts to attack Eve, the military asks Aya to attack her from a chopper, as she is the only one who can get close without combusting. The plan works, but Aya has to personally finish the fight on a now-wrecked Statue of Liberty, where Eve finally succumbs.
As Aya rests on a naval vessel, the Ultimate Being is born and attacks the surrounding ships. Aya does battle with the Ultimate Being, but its mitochondria causes it to evolve at an alarming rate. Aya sets the vessel's boiler pressure dangerously high, so as to destroy it with the Ultimate Being onboard.


Parasite Eve II is truer to the survival horror genre than its predecessor, which inserted RPG elements into the mix. The only real RPG element present in Parasite Eve II is the use of experience points to gain access to higher levels of Parasite Energy, the game's equivalent of magic. Other character attributes include HP (Hit Points, or health) and MP (Mitochondria Points) used to power Aya's 'Parasite Energy' abilities.
Character control is accomplished in a traditional survival horror manner: Aya is able to move forwards, backwards, and pivot left and right. Camera movement is limited, generally being confined to a single view of a room or area, and cannot be altered by the player.
Unlike Parasite Eve, there is no Active Time Bar that governs the order of actions during a battle. Battles take place in real time, so the player is free to act as they see fit. Another contrast is the absence of the 'range dome' seen in the first game, allowing the player to shoot at off-screen targets and engage targets from a safe distance. There are also no random battles; enemies will be found wandering in plain view, hence allowing the player to avoid confrontations and plan strategies. Aiming, as with most other games of this genre, is accomplished by cycling through the various 'lockable' targets within Aya's range.
Equipment can be obtained through various methods, including finding, purchasing and 'creating' items such as body armor, weapons, ammunition and tools. Unlike most other survival horror games, ammunition is almost never in short supply. While Aya can only carry limited amounts of equipment with her, inexhaustible ammunition boxes exist in most areas and can be revisited as often as required for a top-up. This encourages the player to fight rather than run, which is essential to the gameplay as it is the only way to gain experience and thus for Aya to become powerful enough to succeed. While equipment follows the original game's concept of being customizable, in general the weapons and armor are quite limited in the alterations available. Armor, which not only reduces damage but also affects the amount Aya can carry, has the option of adding extra item slots up to a limit of ten.
The Parasite Energies are divided into four areas: the offensive Fire and Wind elements and the defensive Water and Earth elements.
Once the game has been completed, bonus items become available for the player should they choose to redo the game in Replay mode. Other modes also become available, such as Bounty Hunter and Scavenger which are more difficult for the player to complete. The most difficult mode "Nightmare" only becomes available after completing the game in Scavenger Mode.

The game opens to reveal Aya Brea, the protagonist of the original Parasite Eve game, who is now an FBI operative in their Mitochondrial Investigation and Suppression Team (MIST) being dispatched on an urgent mission in central Los Angeles, where there have been reports of NMC sightings. The first chapter in the game puts Aya in the position of investigating the Akropolis tower where she finds a slaughtered SWAT team and an NMC infestation. She soon discovers that the NMC's can take on human form, and eventually encounters a different type of creature; a humanoid Artificial Neo-Mitochondrial Creature (ANMC) called Golem No.9. She encounters this ANMC three times in the game. Golem No.9. destroys the tower, but Aya along with her colleague Rupert, who has been at the scene before she arrives, escape in a Police Helicopter.
After a brief interlude, the next chapter finds Aya in the desert town of Dryfield. It is nothing more than a truck-stop on a seldom used highway, with a motel, garage and diner but little else. Upon arriving, she finds that Dryfield too is infested with NMC's. She later encounters a survivor (Mr. Douglas) and his dog, Flint, who will act as her source of news and equipment for much of the game. She later rescues Kyle Madigan, a private investigator who claims he is on a mission similar to Aya's. He tells her about "The Shelter", a nearby underground facility that may hold the answers to the recent outbreak of NMC's.
After spending some time in Dryfield, Aya and Kyle find an entrance to the shelter located in an abandoned mine. They part company and she proceeds to investigate the shelter alone. As Aya explores the shelter she discovers that the ANMC's are the result of genetic engineering in an attempt to artificially create superior life-forms, and that in some way she is closely involved. The game's storyline unfolds through various animated cut scenes that appear at regular intervals when plot points are triggered; one of these reveals that the ANMC's were created from her own DNA.
Eventually Aya discovers the game's fourth and final area, the Neo-Ark (Shambala in the Japanese version), the entrance to which is concealed in the shelter. She finds out that the Ark facility was intended to be a showcase of ANMC technology, divided into different habitats, with zoo-like visitor commentaries and viewing platforms throughout the area. Habitat containment has broken down and the ANMC's are loose. This area is now infested with the creatures too. The goal in this area is for Aya to disable the power generator, which allows access to an area that could not be reached in the shelter. Returning to the shelter, and reunited with Kyle, Aya rescues a girl that has been manipulated into controlling the hostile NMC's. She also finds out that the girl, Eve, was created from her own DNA, making her, in a sense, Aya's daughter. Eve is later kidnapped by No.9.
Returning to the shelter entrance, Aya encounters a small army of Golems, but is rescued by the U.S Marines, who have been alerted by Aya's contacts at MIST. She later receives a gift from Mr. Douglas, via Flint, of supplies. She decides to use Flint to help her find Eve, giving him Eve's bear to let him track her scent. He leads her back into the shelter. Aya tracks Eve down to a room containing an enormous cocoon, to find No. 9 incorporating Eve into it. Kyle is there as well; apparently helping No.9. Kyle eventually turns on No.9, preventing him from placing Eve into the cocoon. After a cut scene showing a satellite weapon being fired per the President's orders, and Dryfield being wiped off the map, Aya and Kyle find themselves separated by a hole that has penetrated all the shelter's floors. She looks down to see Eve hanging onto a piece of debris on the edge of one of the lower levels.
Eventually, the cocoon breaks open having been dislodged by the impact of the weapon, revealing the largest NMC in the game. After defeating this creature, Eve herself transforms into a very fast and powerful winged NMC that resembles Melissa Pearce-Eve's second to last form from the first game. Again Aya must fight. Once this final battle is concluded, various cut scenes are shown depending on the actions of the player during the game.

Language: English
Format: NTSC-U / CDROM Isos
Hoster: Share-Online
Size Version A: 1.24 GB
Size Version B: 1.33 GB
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[PS2] Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X - (NTSC-U)

Experience another terrifying chapter in the Resident Evil series with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. After narrowly surviving the horrific onslaught in Raccoon City, Claire Redfield now seeks clues in search of her missing brother, Chris. Join Claire as she uncovers the insidious activities of the Umbrella Corporation. Avoid or eliminate flesh-eating zombies and horrific beasts. Use a variety weapons, items, and clues scattered around Raccoon City to help you survive the nightmare and make sure the virus doesn't spread any farther.

Language: English
Format: NTSC-U / DVD Image
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 1.20 GB
Password: - No Password -


[PS1] Resident Evil 3 - NEMESIS (PSX PS1 PSOne) NTSC-U

A month and a half have passed since the mansion lab incident and now the secrets come back to haunt you in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Join Jill Valentine in her attempt to escape a nightmarish city in ruins. Around every corner lurk hordes of flesh-eating zombies, hideous mutants, and a relentless new nemesis. You'll soon rely on cunning and brute force to stay alive. The Resident Evil series has taken a horrifying turn, unveiling new layers in the Umbrella Corporation's devious activities.

Language: English
Format: NTSC-U / ISO
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 688.75 MB
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[PSP] PSP ISO Game Collection (73 Games)

A nice little collection of PSP games in iso, and cso format. They are rared and the file size is 27.7 GB unrared is 44.1 GB.
Here is the list of games:

PSP - 50 Cents Bulletproof
PSP - 300 March To Glory
PSP - Ace Combat Skies Of Deception
PSP - Activision Hits Remixed
PSP - Alien Syndrome
PSP - Ape Academy 1
PSP - Ape Academy 2
PSP - Atari Hits Remixed
PSP - ATV Off Road Fury
PSP - BattleZone
PSP - BBoy
PSP - Bleach 1
PSP - Bleach 2 - Heat Of The Soul
PSP - Burnout Legends
PSP - Coded Arms
PSP - CrashTagTeamRacing
PSP - Dave Mirra bmx
PSP - Daxter
PSP - dead or alive paradise
PSP - Death Jnr 2
PSP - Death Jnr
PSP - Dungeon Siege Thrown Of Agony
PSP - Dynastey Warriors
PSP - Exit
PSP - F1 Grand Prix
PSP - Fired Up
PSP - Ford Bold Moves Street
PSP - Free Runing
PSP - Ghost in the Shell
PSP - Ghost Recon Warfighter 2
PSP - Gran Turismo
PSP - Grip shift
PSP - GTAvcs
PSP - GunShowdown
PSP - Infected
PSP - Kao Challengers
PSP - Key Of Heaven
PSP - Killzone Liberation
PSP - kingdom of hearts birth by sleep
PSP - Loco Roco
PSP - Loco Roco 2
PSP - MediEvil Resurrection
PSP - Mercury
PSP - Metal Gear Acid
PSP - Miami Vice
PSP - Micro MachinesV4
PSP - Monster hunters
PSP - Moto GP
PSP - motorstorm
PSP - Nascar 07
PSP - Need For Speed Carbon
PSP - Need for Speed Undercover
PSP - Need For Speed Underground Rivals
PSP - Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast
PSP - Patapon 3
PSP - Pilot Acadamy
PSP - Pinball
PSP - Rainbow Six Vegas
PSP - Ridge Racer 2
PSP - Ridge Racer
PSP - Sonic Rivals
PSP - SSX On Tour
PSP - Star Wars Lethal Alliance
PSP - Street Supremacy
PSP - Super Moneky Ball Adventures
PSP - Syphon Filter
PSP - Test Drive Unlimited
PSP - Thrillville

Language: English/Multi
Format: PSP Isos
Hoster: Share-Online
Password: - No Password -


[PS1] Tekken 2 (NTSC-U)

More than a sequel. The undisputed #1 fighting game on the planet.

Language: English
Format: Bin / Cue CD-Image | NTSC-U
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 716.14 MB
Password: - NO PASSWORD -


[PS1] Diablo (NTSC-U)

Diablo invites you to enter a world of dark gothic fantasy. Play as a brave warrior, cunning rogue, or mysterious sorcerer. As you venture deeper into the labyrinth, you'll discover weapons, armor, and magical treasures; you will also develop your character's skills and abilities. You might want to bring a friend or two to help--built-in support for, as well as modem, serial, and network play, ensures that you'll never have to go in alone.

Language: English
Format: NTSC-U / CD-Image
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 623.08 MB
Password: -


[PS1] Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (NTSC-U)

Unbelievable stunt sequences performed by Jackie Chan! Classic Jackie weapons that include chairs, brooms and more! Movie sequences that feature hilarious Jackie Chan outtakes! Tons of enemies and high-powered bosses to kick around! Motion-captured animations of the real Jackie Chan! Innovative fighting system includes throws and combos!

Language: English
Format: CD Image
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 600.14 MB
Password: -


[PS2] Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts (NTSC-U)

Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, this game offers a companion experience to Call of Duty: World at War, featuring its own unique set of missions, engagements and challenges that are set within the Pacific and European campaigns through many of the pivotal battles that led to the end of the world's greatest war.

Language: English
Format: DVD image
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 1.43 GB
Password: -


[PS1] Road Rash [NTSC-U] (PSX PS1 PSOne)

Road Rash for the PlayStation game console mashes no-holds-barred motorcycle combat racing with the hottest alternative bands to deliver the hardest-hitting action around. Lucky for you there are only 3 options - LEAD, FOLLOW, OR BECOME ROAD-KILL.

Language: English
Format: Bin / Cue - CD Image
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 500 mb
Password: -


[PS1] Bushido Blade [NTSC-U] (PSX PS1 PSOne)

"Bushido" is the soul of Japan - an ancient honor code deeply followed by samurai warriors for centuries. Plunge into real world battles across vast 3D environments that you can run, slice and tear through. Sword matches become unbelievably real where one critical blow is the mean difference between death and victory.

Language: English
Format: Bin / Cue - CD Image
Hoster: Share-Online
Size: 555.36 MB
Password: No Password


[PS1] Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Survivor (PS1 PSX) (play On Pc With EPSXE)

*****RESIDENT EVIL 1*****

The player's character is a member of a special law enforcement task force who is trapped in a mansion populated by dangerous mutated creatures. The objective of the game is to uncover the mystery of the mansion and ultimately escape alive. The game's graphics consist of 3D polygonal characters and objects superimposed over pre-rendered backdrops with pre-determined camera angles. The player controls the character by pushing the d-pad or analog stick left or right to rotate the character and then move the character forward or backwards by the pushing the d-pad up or down.

To fulfill the game's objective, the player uncovers various documents that provide exposition about the game's narrative, as well as clues that help them solve various puzzles within the mansion. Key items are also available that give the player access to other items or new areas. The player can arm their character with weapons to defend themselves from enemies, although the ammunition available for each firearm is limited and the player must learn to conserve the ammunition they have for situations where they will really need it. To restore the character's health, the player uses first-aid sprays or three types of healing herbs that can be mixed together in different combinations for different healing effects. The carrying capacity of the player is limited depending on the character and items that the player does not wish to carry at the moment can be stored into an item box to be retrieved for later use. To save their progress, the player must pick up an ink ribbon and use it on any of the typewriters scattered through key locations in the game. However, the supply of ink ribbons the player can acquire is also limited much like the player's ammo and healing supplies.
The various enemies the player encounters include infected creatures like flesh-eating zombies, zombie dogs, giant spiders, and crows, as well as artificial creatures with codenames such as "Hunters" and "Chimeras", as well as the game's ultimate adversary, a new type of biological weapon known as the "Tyrant".


A series of bizarre murders have occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, with signs of cannibalism on the victims' remains. The Raccoon Police Department's Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS) are assigned to investigate the murders. STARS is divided into two teams: Alpha and Bravo. Bravo team is sent first, but after contact with them is lost, Alpha team is sent to investigate their disappearance

The player has a choice between Alpha team members Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine as the main character. Chris, the male hero, has greater firepower and can take more damage from enemies, while the heroine Jill has a greater carrying capacity, as well as a lockpicking tool that gives her earlier access to some of the mansion's areas. The game's supporting characters includes Barry Burton, Alpha team's weapons expert who provides Jill with additional firepower; Rebecca Chambers, a surviving member of Bravo team who supports Chris with her medical expertise; and Albert Wesker, the captain of STARS and leader of Alpha team. The other members of STARS also appear through the course of the story dead or alive.

The game begins on July 24, 1998 after Alpha team locates Bravo team's helicopter, but there are no signs of survivors; only a severed hand is found. While searching the area for further clues, Alpha team is attacked by ferocious dogs, one of which kills one of the team's members, Joseph Frost. Alpha's helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers, panics and takes off alone. Pursued by the dogs who killed their colleague, Alpha team is forced to seek refuge within a nearby mansion. It is believed to be abandoned.

With the dogs roaming outside, the four remaining Alpha team members (Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton and Jill Valentine) are trapped within. A gunshot rings out, and the player character moves to investigate. At this point, the player takes control of the character and begins to explore the mansion. One of the first discoveries is a member of Bravo team, Kenneth J. Sullivan, being eaten by a zombie. The character eventually finds the mansion to be riddled with puzzles, traps, and horrors. Scattered documents suggest that a series of illegal experiments were being undertaken on the property by a clandestine research team, under the authority and supervision of the Umbrella Corporation, a biomedical conglomerate. The creatures roaming the mansion and surrounding region are the results of these experiments, which have exposed the mansion's personnel and various animals and insects to a highly contagious and mutagenic biological agent known as the T-virus.

After navigating a series of underground tunnels, passageways and buildings, the player discovers a secret underground laboratory containing the Umbrella Corporation's experiments, including the Tyrant. In the lab, Wesker reveals that he is a double agent working for Umbrella. The player finds himself having to fight the Tyrant T-002, a giant humanoid monster created through prolonged exposure to the T-virus. After the Tyrant is defeated, the player manages to escape the premises in the team helicopter.

*****RESIDENT EVIL 2*****

Resident Evil 2 follows the same basic gameplay mechanics as its predecessor, Resident Evil. The graphics are composed of polygonal character and item models, superimposed over pre-rendered backgrounds using fixed camera angles. A survival horror title, the game's objective is to explore different locations while solving puzzles and fighting numerous monsters. The two selectable protagonists may be equipped with a variety of firearms, though ammunition is limited, adding a tactical element to weapon use. On the status screen, the player can check the condition of the characters, use medicine to heal wounds inflicted upon them in battle, and assign weapons. Additionally, the current health of the protagonists can be determined by their animation and the speed of their movement. For example, wounded characters will hold their stomach in pain, whereas they will limp slowly when they are on the verge of death. The protagonists can only carry a certain amount of items at a time, requiring the rest to be stored in and retrieved from boxes scattered across the locations. The game may be saved at some select rooms with a typewriter, though one-time-use ink ribbons are necessary to do so
The main addition to the gameplay is the "Zapping System". Each of the two playable characters is confronted with different puzzles and storylines in their respective scenario. After finishing the "A" scenario with one protagonist, a "B" scenario is unlocked in which the events are depicted from the other character's perspective. Actions taken during the first playthrough affect the second scenario, for example in the availability of certain items. After each game, the player receives a ranking based on the total time taken to complete the scenario, and the number of saves and first aid sprays used. Depending on certain requirements, bonus weapons and costumes are unlocked as a reward.[11] Additional minigames are available in the form of "The 4th Survivor", "The To-fu Survivor" and "Extreme Battle", three standalone missions featuring an extended cast of characters.

The game is set in the Midwestern mountain community of Raccoon City, two months after the mansion incident of the first Resident Evil. Nearly all of the citizens have been turned into zombies by an outbreak of the T-virus, a new type of biological weapon secretly developed by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Having just arrived in the city, Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer on his first day in the local force, and Claire Redfield, a college student looking for her brother Chris, make their way to the Raccoon Police Department, seeking protection from the mutated population. There, they find out that most of the policemen have been killed already and that Chris has left the town some time ago to investigate the Umbrella headquarters in Europe. With no more motivation to stay, the two protagonists decide to split up to look for other survivors, and to flee from the city.

In search of an escape route, Claire meets a little girl named Sherry who is on the run from an unknown creature, and Leon encounters Ada Wong who claims to be looking for her boyfriend John, an Umbrella researcher. Claire discovers that Umbrella bribed Raccoon City's police chief Brian Irons to cover up any evidence of the mansion incident for the purpose of masking the development of the new G-virus, an agent capable of turning a human into the ultimate bioweapon. The maniacal Irons is killed by one such G-virus mutant roaming the police department while Claire and Sherry escape through the sewers and are separated from each other. Splitting up from Leon, Ada runs into Sherry and picks up the golden pendant she lost. Further into the sewers, a middle-aged woman fires at Ada, but Leon dives in front of her and takes a shot himself. Ada follows the assassin who reveals herself to be Sherry's mother Annette, and the wife of William Birkin, the creator of the G-virus. In an attempt to protect his life's work from special agents sent by the Umbrella headquarters, he injected himself with the virus which turned him into the malformed creature that is now chasing Sherry. Annette recognizes her daughter's pendant, and a battle over it ensues during which she is thrown over a railing. Ada finds out that the golden locket contains a sample of the G-virus, and later returns to Leon, tending to his bullet wound.

Meanwhile, Claire reunites with Sherry and discovers that Birkin has already implanted her with an embryo to produce offspring. The protagonists advance through an abandoned factory to Umbrella's secret underground research facility. Ada is heavily wounded by an attack from Birkin, and Leon explores the laboratory to find something to treat her wounds. He is interrupted by a psychotic Annette explaining to him that Ada's relationship with John was only a smokescreen to get information about Umbrella, and that she is really a spy sent by an unknown organization to retrieve the G-virus. Just as she is about to shoot Leon, a Tyrant monster appears and she is forced to retreat.[20] Ada shows up again and sacrifices herself to rescue Leon, confessing that she fell in love with him. Trying to escape with another sample of the G-virus, Annette is fatally wounded by her mutated husband, but manages to give Claire instructions on how to produce a vaccine for Sherry. After preparing the cure, Leon and Claire reunite at an emergency escape train and inject Sherry with the vaccine, saving her life. Birkin, now mutated into a massive blob, followed them but is eventually destroyed when the self-destruct system causes the train to explode. Ada is implied to have survived and to have made away with the G-virus in the pendant. Having escaped from the city with Sherry, Leon decides to take down Umbrella while Claire continues to search for her brother.

The minigame "The 4th Survivor" depicts the successful G-virus retrieval mission of Hunk, one of the special agents sent by Umbrella, whereas "The To-fu Survivor" and "Extreme Battle" are completely independent missions that bear no relevance to the plot of the game.

*****RESIDENT EVIL 3*****

The game begins on September 28, 1998. The player takes control of former Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS) member Jill Valentine in her attempt to escape a ruined and zombie-infested Raccoon City. On her way to the Raccoon City police station, she runs into Brad Vickers, who is killed by Nemesis for being part of the STARS, since Umbrella believes that the STARS members know about their operations in the Arklay Mountains, and will reveal Umbrella to the world. Later on, she encounters three surviving members of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS): Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Victor and Nicholai Ginovaef. Nicholai is soon presumed dead after an encounter with zombies as Jill gets parts for the cable car. Mikhail sacrifices himself to save Jill and Carlos from the Nemesis, a bio-organic weapon. The cable car that the three were in bursts into flame and Jill and Carlos are separated.

Jill and Carlos meet up later in a clock tower where Carlos has said a rescue helicopter will arrive. Jill summons the helicopter by ringing the clock tower's bell. Nemesis destroys the helicopter, and infects Jill with a virus. Jill temporarily defeats Nemesis, Carlos finds her in a state of weakness, and she blacks out. During this period, Carlos searches for the vaccine to Jill's infection, and the events of Resident Evil 2 occur.

Carlos goes to Raccoon City Hospital to make the vaccine, and while there, meets Nicholai, who reveals that he is an Umbrella Supervisor who collects information based on the soldiers' ability to fight the BOWs. However, the mercenary that Nicholai shot pulls the pin on a grenade he was holding, and Nicholai jumps out a window to escape the blast. Soon after, Carlos is able to create the vaccine, and as he is leaving to go back to the clock tower, Nicholai sets a time bomb at the base, and blows up the hospital. Carlos returns to Jill with the vaccine, warns her about Nicholai, and leaves. Jill then proceeds through Raccoon Park, where she eventually enters a cabin, finds more about the plans for Raccoon City, and briefly meets up with Nicholai again, who explains the role he played. Leaving, Jill enters the cemetery again, only to face off with a giant worm, and defeat it before proceeding.

Jill meets up with Carlos in an Umbrella facility, who tells her that the US government planned a cover up and the US military, after hearing of unsuccessful efforts to avert the T-virus infestation, ordered the destruction of Raccoon City by a nuclear missile. Jill and Carlos split up again to find a way out of the facility. Jill turns on the power so that an exit can be unlocked, but on the way to it, she meets up with Nicholai. He tells her about how he killed the other Supervisors, and how there is a bounty on Jill's head, but he is killed soon afterward. At this point in the game, the player has fifteen minutes to escape the city before the missile strikes. While attempting to escape, Jill has to face a mutated Nemesis one final time and kill it with the assistance of a rail gun. Jill then escapes Raccoon City along with Carlos. Depending on the player's choices, a different ending plays. The city's destruction by the missile is shown, and depending on the player's actions, Barry Burton is the pilot who saves Jill and Carlos. Then a news report is heard about Raccoon City's destruction, and how people uninvolved will hear about the disaster.

A new feature to gameplay is the Nemesis, an experimental type of Tyrant programmed by Umbrella to hunt down and kill the remaining STARS members. He can run, use a rocket launcher as a weapon, dodge incoming fire, and is capable of pursuing the player from one area to the next. Nemesis is encountered multiple times throughout the game as a recurring boss. A variety of encounters are possible, with some being mandatory, and some varying in nature and location based on choices made by the player. Even if defeated in combat, Nemesis will inevitably return to continue pursuit of Jill.

In a departure from series' conventions, the player cannot choose between two playable characters from the beginning. Instead, Jill is the sole selectable character, with another character named Carlos also being controllable for a brief portion of the main game.

Resident Evil 3 incorporates a dodge move that allows the player to quickly avoid enemy attacks. Stair climbing is also streamlined; whereas in previous Resident Evil titles, characters were required to press the action button to ascend or descend a staircase, Resident Evil 3 allows the player to use a staircase by walking directly in to it. The "quick 180 turn" was introduced in this game, and would become a mainstay of the series.

The game also features an ammunition creation system, in which new ammunition can be created from different varieties of gunpowder and the use of a cartridge reloading tool, or by combining gunpowder directly with standard grenade rounds to generate different types of rounds for the grenade launcher. For the first time in the series, explosive objects are present in certain areas. Taking the form of oil drums on the ground, or bundles of an unspecified explosive material affixed to a wall; firing on these objects causes them to explode, damaging or destroying nearby enemies. The game also incorporates a randomization feature that varies the placement of items and enemies. Puzzles are also either completely randomized, or have their solutions selected from a pre-determined list.

At certain points in the game, the player will enter Live Selection Mode, in which they are prompted to choose between one of two possible actions. The choice of action affects the direction of the game and story, including which ending the player receives. Each selection has a time limit, with the consequence for going over the limit being either Jill taking damage, or instant death.

There is an unlockable minigame titled "The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal". The player can choose from Carlos, Mikhail, or Nicholai; the three UBCS members that appear in the main game. Each character possesses a different inventory, causing drastically different strategies for survival with each character. The objective of the game is ostensibly to run from the cable car to the warehouse office (two locations in the main game), within a limited amount of time; however, the starting time limit given is insufficient to actually perform this task directly, and the player must continuously receive time bonuses by performing certain actions in order to complete the mission. Eliminating enemies yields a time bonus, with increasing bonuses for multiple kills in a short time span. There are also six hostages to be saved, with each hostage saved rewarding the player with additional ammunition or healing items, as well as a time bonus. Additionally, six "hidden areas" of the map reward the player with an increasing time bonus for each one found.

Upon completing the main game, the player is rewarded with a number of alternate costumes for Jill, with more costumes being awarded for a higher ranked completion of the main game. Also unlockable are eight "Epilogue Files" each detailing the activities of a different character following the events of the game. The Epilogue Files are unlocked individually and sequentially at the end of each successful play-through of the main game.

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[SS] Sega Saturn Shmup Collection

Sega Saturn Shoot 'em up Collection

- Batsugun
- Battle Garegga
- DoDonPachi
- Donpachi
- Galactic Attack
- Gradius Deluxe Pack
- Gradius Gaiden
- Metal Black
- Parodius: Fantastic Journey
- Sexy Pardious
- Shienryu
- Soukyugurentai
- Cotton 2
- Darius Gaiden
- Radiant Silvergun
- Thunderforce V

+ Bios Included for Emulators.

Language: English/Japanese
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[PS2] The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (NTSC-U)

Free from his imprisonment, the Dark Master unleashes his wrath upon the world, determined to bring forth a new age of darkness. As evil spreads over the world like a plague, Spyro must discover abilities beyond that of the elements and unlock the true power of the purple dragon within him if he is to stop the Dark Master and fulfill his destiny.

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[PS1] Spyro The Dragon [NTSC-U]

He's cute. He's purple. A nasty burp could send those in his vicinity to the burn unit. Allow us to introduce you to Spyro the Dragon. In his debut adventure, Spyro must free his fellow fire-breathers from their crystalline prisons that are located across six worlds. He'll have to run, jump, glide, walk, roll, and fly his way through each of the 35 levels. And when things get physical, he can use a number of attacks on enemies, including fireballs, charge attacks, and superflames.

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